Monday, March 1, 2010

The end for this blog~

I wont write this blog again~
coz is passed~ passed~
now i feel happy to be 2gether with kevin~
haha~ no WILL again~

Friday, January 1, 2010

a whol3 new year~ 2010~

2 days more....i wana intak3 ad.. faz..a new start 4 me...
luckily i had k3vin to giv3 me suppport~
my hopes for 2010 is can hav a sweeet sweet lov3 with my babe dear~
gud in my study~
tats all....juz wan a simple...warm n happy lif3..
Now i m having a wonderful lov3........i hope tat can be a long lasting lov3~
the most important is never giv3 up~

Friday, October 23, 2009

i promis3..~

I promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to when you feel cold
I promise to be your soft place to land if you should fall
I promise to be the first one to say I am sorry (even if I was right)
I promise to be there for you in all of your times of joy and sorrow
I promise to support you no matter what your decision (even if I don't agree )
I promise to make a new memory with you each and every day
I promise to love you without change
I promise to make you laugh
I promise to make you cry
I promise to give you strength when you are weak
I promise to love you forever
I promise to cherish you and your love
I promise to never take your love for granted
I promise to never lose faith in you
I promise to never give you a reason to distrust me
I promise to always trust you
I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts
I promise to always be proud of you
I promise to never let you feel alone in this world
I promise to find new ways everyday to keep the fires of passion burning

**k @ v**

Friday, October 16, 2009

swe3t heart~

a meaningful doggy........a warm jacket....a bar of swe3t chocolate....a wonderful memory....

thx a lot.......**k @ v**

Saturday, September 19, 2009

lov3 in the heart..

well..we settle the prob ad...
becoz dun wan to **yi lai**...
yea..the ending is not too sad........coz we not lik other ppl
we still gt the feel...juz lik b4..
we choose tis ending....coz a prob...
oni u n me understand....
i am sad...and my tears droping..
u said pls remember tat we have ** wonderful process of love**
i m sure i WILL...
heart following ur heart...............
tis the promises..

**vivian @ will **

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

let us think bout it..?

feel still ther3 ..
love still ther3...
but relAtionship is blur...?
u think so..and i oso think tat way..
let us think bout it.....wat relationship we wan...
i wan the on3 juz lik3 b4.......
u can tell me anythg ...feeling....
wat relationship i wan...? couple...?
best friend..?
friend..? or juz kip it in our heart..?
do u noe smtime u din say out...i wont understand..
i am not a part of ur body..i duno wat u wan...
let us think bout it..?
i dun wan..!